Little Miami Scenic Trail
A Multi-purpose Trail

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The dream of a hike/bike trail between Xenia and Yellow Springs emerged as rail service faded into memory. Paving the way for the dream to become a reality, the City of Xenia, Village of Yellow Springs and Ohio Department of Natural Resources acquired the right-of-way between 1973 and 1983.

In 1986, the project received a 100% funding grant from the Federal Highway administration as an alternate means of transportation. These funds are administered by Ohio Department of Transportation.

Plans, public hearings, and engineering, were completed, and construction began in July 1990. With the opening of the trail in October 1991, the spirit of the Little Miami Railroad is resurrected.

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The Little Miami Scenic Trail is part of an 80-mile trail network that extends from eastern Cincinnati to Buck Creek State Park near Springfield. The portion from Milford t Morrow is open and is operated by the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources. Information may be obtained by contacting Caesars Creek State Park.

The sections from Morrow to Xenia are presently in the design stage and are planned to be built during the next several years.

The trail north of Yellow Springs has 100% federal funding for acquisition, design and construction to Springfield. A short section in Springfield is also in operations.

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Trail Etiquette

  • Remember: the Trail is shared by hikers, bikers, horses, walkers, and other users.
  • Use only non-motorized forms of transportation.*
  • Bicyclists should yield to all other users.
  • All users should yield to horses.
  • Keep right except to pass.
  • Announce passing, to other users. Pass with caution.
  • Move off paved trail when stopped.
  • Please yield to law enforcement, maintenance and emergency vehicles.
  • Respect private property.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Observe speed limit.
  • Heed all signs.
  • Don't litter.

        *Persons requiring motorized wheelchairs have access to the trail.

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Tips for a Safe Visit

  • Know your limitations.
  • Keep your mode of transportation in good condition.
  • Check for maintenance problems before you start out.
  • Wear proper clothing and safety attire.
  • The softer surfaces along the side of the paved trail are better for walkers, joggers and runners. Use care around horses.*
  • Carry a light or have a light source and wear reflective clothing when using the trail after sunset or before sunrise.
Call 370-7445 Ask for the Trail Manager

Dial 911 Request Park Ranger or nearest police officer

5:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.(midnight)

        * Horses permitted from Old Springfield Pk. to Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd.

Greene County Park District Cooperating Agencies
City of Xenia, Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Greene Cty. Commissioners, Greene Cty. Engineer, Ohio Dept. of Transportation

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History of the Railroad

The Little Miami Railroad Company, connecting Cincinnati with Sandusky, was completed in stages, starting in 1837. The first 14-mile section from Cincinnati to Milford was finished in 1841; then four years later, 51 more miles to Xenia. From there, the 19.2 miles, covering in part today's Little Miami Scenic Trail, was completed in 1846.

Ten years had passed since the railroad incorporated in 1836. The town of Xenia was a hub for the railroad. In 1850 a 55-mile branch line to the east, the Columbus and Xenia Railroad Company, connected Xenia to the state capital. In 1853, a western branch connected to Dayton and New Paris and at the state line linked to the Indiana Central Railway;

Original construction of the railroad was 4' 10" gauge. The track consisted of 6" x 6" x 8' oak ties with 3/4" x 2-1/2" iron strips on oak stringers for the running surface. By 1851, most of this track was relaid with "T" rails.

The longest bridge on the Springfield Branch is the 128' through truss span over the Little Miami River. However, the through girder span over Massie Creek is a close second at 126' 7".

The Little Miami Railroad Company operated until 1921 . when it leased its property to the Pennsylvania Railroad for 999 years. After selling its equipment in 1944, the Little Miami Railroad faded into the pages of Ohio history.

Rail service gradually declined. The last train rolled through Xenia in 1966. Yellow Springs had limited service into the 1970's, when all service was finally terminated.

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Map of the Little Miami Scenic Trail

Click on this image to load the complete map. The map will look best, and be most useful, if you print it. The complete map is 159Kb. Be prepared for a delay.

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